Guidelines2DAY Seminar le 25 mars 2013 à Paris

Mercredi 23 Janvier 2013

Guidelines2DAY Seminar le 25 mars 2013 à Paris
L'EPI organise une journée de formation sur les nouvelles directives le lundi 25 mars 2013 à Paris (Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci).
Ce séminaire est une coopération de l’epi avec l'European Patent Academy de l’OEB.
Il sera animé par Mme. Laurence Brüning-Petit (OEB), M. Alfred Spigarelli (OEB) et M. Francis Leyder (epi) et sera présenté en français (les documents sont en anglais).
Veuillez trouver ici le formulaire d’inscription en ligne.

Guidelines2DAY Seminar :

In June 2012 the European Patent Office issued a completely revised version of the Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office: three new parts have been added as compared to the 2010 Guidelines; in addition, much of the content of the EPO’s Internal Instructions have been included in the new edition (total 782 pages).

For instance, Parts C and D no longer relate to aspects of substantive law, but rather are confined to procedural aspects of examination and opposition proceedings, respectively. Substantive requirements are now dealt with in new Parts F, G and H. Part F deals with the requirements which the application must fulfil other than patentability, in particular, unity of invention, sufficiency of disclosure, clarity and the right to priority. Part G deals with the requirements of patentability, in particular, exclusions from patentability, novelty, inventive step and industrial application. Last but not least, Part H deals with the requirements relating to amendments and corrections. In all Parts of the 2012 Guidelines, the amount of case law cited has been expanded.
The European Patent Institute (epi) in cooperation with the European Patent Academy organises a sequence of national one-day seminars to provide an overview of the changes and the impact they may have on a patent practitioner’s daily work. For each national seminar there will be two representatives from the EPO who will give presentations on a variety of subjects; in addition, there will be one speaker on behalf of epi who will regularly interrupt the presentation and ask questions to stimulate discussions while highlighting the profession's view.

Preliminary program :

The preliminary program of the national one-day GL2DAY seminars will include the following subjects:
– Overview of the changes to the Guidelines 2012
– Changes with respect to Rule 141 and Rule 70b EPC
– Handling of divisional applications
– Internet disclosures as prior art
– Step by step near grant
– Observations with respect to oral proceedings and the right to be heard
– Essential features, clarity and the interplay of Art. 83 and 84 EPC
– Interlocutory review procedure
– Disclaimers in European patent applications
– Handling of auxiliary requests

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