Café ASPI on « Trade secret programs for small to medium companies »

Monday April 11th from 14pm to 15pm Paris Time

Most people think that Trade Secret Programs are for big NYSE or France’s CAC 40 types of companies only… well, this is not quite true and B4patents, a US-based Start-Up company has prepared a program made for you, the little ones groping in the dark…simple, pragmatic and affordable. An international team of consultants, with varied expertise, Gil Perlberg from Israel specializing in IP strategy, US-based Christo Angelov, specializing in Cybersecurity and Bradley Schmidt from South Africa, a marketing specialist, co-founders of B4patents, will present the program in cogent terms for you and will make you understand how it works at the occasion of Café ASPI on Monday, April 11th at 14 PM, Paris time.

In France, since the EU 2018 directive and the law Nr-670 of July 30th 2018 on trade secret protection for businesses, we have not seen much coming after that, with very few case law being published. All we know of so far is that the Paris big law firms have been hiring economists over the last two years to calculate the amount of compensation due in the event of a trade secret litigation. So far this has not « come down the totem pole », and people would want to know what to expect.  Is the threat worth the trouble? how long does it take to set up a reliable trade secret program? what is the value for the company?  at what cost? to answer these concerns we are inviting you to attend this meeting intended for small and medium businesses.

Café ASPI invites you to connect by ZOOM by clicking here. (ID de réunion : 875 3599 4379 / Code secret : 735760).

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